The Heart of the Matter 6

“To tweet or not to tweet” should no longer be a question. New communication models present a huge opportunity for pharma to provide multichannel scientific engagement, but are they doing the best job? McCann Complete Medical discusses the potential for pharma industry in this rapidly advancing area.

Though fashioning a multichannel approach is high on the agenda of most pharmaceutical companies, its implementation has been variable. It’s time for pharma to progress beyond traditional methodologies and communicate via channels that now have greater currency and relevance.

 “By consistently delivering scientific content that’s compelling and relevant to customers…companies can forge sustainable long-term relationships with influencers and early adopters.” ­– Dominick Jack, Scientific Director, Caudex

Executing successful multichannel scientific engagement requires a sophisticated blend of tools and expertise. It makes sense to work with a partner agency that has a broad understanding of the processes, as well as infrastructure and competencies to execute integrated activities right across the brand cycle in a global marketplace.

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