The trusty eDetail Aid; the compelling cornerstone of any modern pharma campaign aimed at engaging physicians in a productive dialog about a product. There’s just one problem though – are eDetail Aids actually engaging physicians? When you consider the time each rep has in front of a physician, coupled with the frequency of these types of visits – are we doing enough to stand out from the clutter?

There are exceptions of course, and there are notable examples from within the McCann Health network from Australia for their football themed concept and the London team for their work on respiratory diseases, where the raw data has been treated in an exciting and memorable manner – but these are few and far between.

We owe it to our clients to take their pie charts and bar graphs and turn them into analytical works of art. We want to distill the data down into its purest form and communicate the claims, efficacy, patient profiles and safety in a unique manner with the same kind of style and creative flair as award-winning websites and apps.

We must look at the way other industries are communicating their data; Super-slick user interfaces, well-designed data visualisation and stunning statistics. We must embrace the technology and infuse it with our creative story-telling. This is the combination of style and science, something that McCann Health Designers and Doctors have in abundance.

It is time we designed the data better. This is not just design for design sake – this is about making complex information more accessible, easier to comprehend and aesthetically exciting to our target audience. Our clients’ reps have a limited window of opportunity – let’s give them the tools to do their (already difficult) job more effectively.

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