The Heart of the Matter 1

McCann Complete Medical discusses the application of behavioral science and the role of real world evidence. In an effort to address the gap between what we know and what we achieve we must embrace change and evolve. Full article published with PM Live.

Over the last two decades the concept of evidence-based medicine, with its structured and objective decision-making process, has increasingly gained currency, as healthcare leaders, managers and practitioners look to ensure clinical practice keeps pace with the evolving base of medical evidence.

However, making the best use of evidence is often not straightforward, especially in terms of its full implementation in real-life, everyday clinical practice. Up to 40 percent of patients don’t receive care that is entirely in line with the current scientific evidence base.

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“Future outcomes, for both patients and industry, will depend on better alignment of clinical and commercial goals and a stronger definition of what constitutes clinical and commercial success”
– Charlie Buckwell, Chief Executive, McCann Complete Medical and Double Helix

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