The Heart of the Matter 3

In the third Heart of the Matter article with PM Live, McCann Complete Medical look at an evolving world where the old model of  random controlled trials (RCTs)s is no longer enough, seize the opportunity provided by real world evidence.

Payors all over the world are demanding additional data to support the reimbursement of innovation. Healthcare systems need to derive increased value from medicines in targeted populations to maximize healthcare resources whilst, simultaneously, providing optimal patient outcomes.

This is forcing pharmaceutical companies to consider generating evidence of effectiveness in the real world that reflects the diverse needs of all key stakeholders.

“There is no point in stakeholders closing their eyes and pretending nothing is changing. We’re moving in the direction of greater use of RWE.” ­
– Dr Pall Jonsson, NICE

By understanding the market environment, identifying evidence gaps, defining research questions and then designing and implementing the studies, a good RWE strategy begins early in the drug lifecycle and continues post-launch.

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