McCann Truth Central report

The focus in healthcare is changing irreversibly from illness to wellness, from physician-centric to patient centric, and from a reactive to proactive society. McCann Health in collaboration with Dacadoo has produced the “White Paper Series” in an effort to elucidate the fundamental basis of this change.

Technology now allows a person to collect and process data on their physiology and lifestyle to assist in the maintenance of their health. This will in turn give rise to a new generation of health centric individuals who will actively self monitor their own health and seek the best health outcomes.

75% of doctors believed that patient self-tracking leads to better outcomes”

By using data collected for a very wide range of variables, it is now possible to calculate an individual’s overall health score. These health scores can be part of the framework upon which people can form a plan and be motivated to improve their overall health and wellness. This in turn has long-term significant and broad socioeconomic benefits.

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