Hilary Farrington, Global Head of Stakeholder Insights at Double Helix Consulting shares her ‘simple rules’ to develop robust strategies in emerging markets in an article published with PM Live.

Compared to the traditional markets, developing brand strategies is a completely different ballgame in the emerging markets. While the basics remain the same, the task isn’t as straightforward due to a range of geographical, commercial and cultural complexities.

“…drive for real insight and a true understanding of your market by adopting an open and innovative mind set – assume nothing.” –Hilary Farrington, Global Head of Stakeholder Insights, Double Helix Consulting

In her article, Hilary advises strategists to follow these rules:

  1. Collaborate with your local in-country experts
  2. Prioritize your objectives
  3. Be realistic about what you can reasonably achieve through primary research
  4. Be flexible in your approach.

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